Adeline Alley

I’ve loved growing up with a sister full of useful information.  An older sister with a mind full of fashion tips and beauty finds is the best thing any girl could ask for, and Caroline continues to be my go-to when I’m looking for new trends, bands to check out, or the coolest restaurants to try.  My input lies in delicious recipes, fun movies to catch, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants and dive bars. Caroline and I haven’t lived in the same city since our parent’s home in Mississippi, so our phones and emails are full of pictures and updates of all of our favorite new finds.  From little girls on Adeline, now we’re excited to take that sharing to the next level.  From the cities of the south, we’re sisters, blogging.



2 thoughts on “Adeline Alley

  1. CCC says:

    Love your intro story… As a sister of 6 sisters I can appreciate the relationship and connection with family. My sisters and I we’re all about hair and clothes. We ironed our curly hair and “Toni” permed our straight hair. Now we all live in different states and thanks to the Internet and social media we feel and stay connected in a moments notice. Love your Blog … Continue to keep us updated to the latest and greatest.

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