A Nashville Favorite – Rolf and Daughters

A dear friend – and fellow blogger, seededinthesouth.com – of mine came to Nashville last night for work. As soon as she said she would be available for drinks and dinner, I knew I exactly where I wanted to take her, my consistent favorite, Rolf and Daughters in Germantown. Even on a cold, snowy Wednesday night, Rolf & Daughters was brimming with patrons. Walk in’s are available and welcome, but regardless of the night I recommend a reservation. After a cocktail at the bar, we were seated at a cozy, two top and had the perfect winter meal. Natalie and I shared everything. We started with crostini with broccoli, then had lettuces with butternut squash, apple, and puffed quinoa. The “puffed” quinoa added a delightful and unexpected crunch. After our starters, we split the chicken with preserved lemon and garlic confit and my ever favorite the garganelli verde with pork ragout. I would order this exact meal again and again. Thanks to Rolf and Daughters for another impeccable evening!


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