Turkey for Two

Scenario – You want turkey on Thanksgiving even if : you are working and cannot make it to your family’s Thanksgiving feast; you live across the country and its just not feasible; all of your children are off celebrating with in-laws; you just want to kick it solo but still want the deliciousness that comes with the holiday.  We’ve got you covered.

This turkey is so much easier than dealing with the big bird and gives you every single bit of the flavor for less time, money, and effort. Side note: this feeds 4-6 but we are factoring in turkey sandwiches/leftovers.

** This turkey is so good and easy that we are buying an extra to keep in our freezer. Grocery stores have them everywhere  now but hard to find after the holidays. This will taste great any time of year – especially in a cold, dreary month like February.

Easiest Turkey Ever

4 lb. bone-in turkey breast


Salt and Pepper

1 – Lemon, sliced

1 – Onion, sliced

Rosemary – a couple of fresh sprigs

Pat dry. Coat turkey breast in mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Place on top of sliced lemon, onions and sprigs of rosemary. Roast for 45 minutes at 425.