Adeline Alley – Pad Thai

Adeline Alley Pad Thai

After a little hiatus – we’re back! Ok well just really for one off recipes but “Hi friends!”

The hardest part of this recipe is making sure you have the ingredients — but once you have them this takes 15 minutes from start to finish! There’s nothing fancy about this recipe, but I may never get takeout Thai again.

We found tamarind paste at Whole Foods, fish sauce from the Asian/international aisle of your grocery, and we’ve tried three different types of Shiritaki Noodles – one from an Asian market ($1.15 per package), “Magic Noodles” from Whole Foods ($2.99 per package) and Tofu Shiritaki Noodles from Kroger.

The beauty of the Shiritaki Noodles is that they range from 0 to 20 calories per serving.  Yes, you read that right! And only 1-3 carbs. They are a Japanese product derived from yams and are mainly made up of glucomannan, an indigestible fiber that is great for probiotic health!  They seem too good to be true, but most nutritionists agree that these little noodles are actually pretty amazing for you.  If you can’t find shirataki noodles though, feel free to substitute rice noodles.

Pad Thai Sauce

Makes 3-4 servings

1 – 1 1/2 Tbs. Tamarind Paste

3 Tbs. Fish Sauce

2 Tbs. Brown Sugar

1 Tbs. Tamari or soy sauce

1 tsp. Siracha

1/4 c. Chicken Broth

Stir together until sugar dissolves.

Keeps well in fridge.

Pad Thai Ingredients

Egg (1 per serving)

Chicken or shrimp

Green onions


Rice or Shirataki Noodles

Grapeseed or olive oil (smallest amount)

For Shirataki Noodles

Drain and thoroughly rinse noodles (ignore smell, will go away during cooking)

Add noodles to dry skillet over medium heat, while you chop the other ingredients.

After 7-10 minutes remove the noodles from the pan.

If starting with uncooked protein add it now, sauté it. Then on one side of skillet scramble an egg.

Once scrambled add in remaining ingredients.

If using cooked protein add it now, as well as green onions, cilantro and just a spritz of oil in pan.

After warming all ingredients toss back in the noodles and pad Thai sauce, until mixed together and warm.

Serve immediately.

I add extra siracha and cilantro. Chopped peanuts, lime and bean sprouts would be great additions too.


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