Mini Hot Chicken and Waffles plus Tips for Hosting Baby Shower

Last weekend I helped host a couples baby shower at my house in Nashville. It was the first time entertaining a big group at our home and I loved it! 

Getting ready parts were a little stressful but all in all it was a fun day, the couple received great gifts and I learned a LOT (about our house, flower arranging and well – babies). It was also fun to get to use all of the wedding gifts I have had waiting for occasions like this — silver trays, Annieglass, all of our champagne flutes, ice buckets, etc.

We set up corn hole for the guys as not many boys want to watch anyone open baby presents, a few played but most congregated between bar and the golf tournament on deck television.

Here is a quick recap from the 3 o’clock shower on Saturday afternoon…


– Hummus Spread with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and green onions with Pita Chips

– Fruit Salad

– Creamy Corn Dip

– Mini Hot Chicken and Waffles – this was the crowd pleaser! Steps for putting together below.

– Petit Fours, ordered from local bakery

– Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (thank you Trader Joe’s), placed in small bowls throughout party

– Pimemto Cheese and Crackers, placed outside near bar 


Bar Options:

Terre des Olivers Rose

Poema Cava, with choices of orange or grapefruit juice and garnishes

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Yuengling Light

Strawberry, Lemon, Basil Water


The hostesses gave the couple their car seat and one trick I have picked up is that instead of wrapping a big gift like that, get or make a big bow that they can put on their mailbox once baby arrives. 


My friend loaned her little wire baby carriage to us for flowers and I have decided to get one of these. You can find them on Etsy for $10 and as the only baby-ish thing we used, it really made it looks like a baby shower.

We used flowers from Import Flowers and Trader Joe’s to do our centerpiece arrangements. In the two glass vases we used light pink spray roses, bright pink Maria Theresa roses and white snap dragons for height. We saved a couple of the spray roses and snap dragon to use in the wire carriage for continuity then added white roses and French tulips. The flowers were a hit and we were very proud that we had done them ourselves.


Mini Hot Chicken and Waffles:

– Hattie B’s Hot Chicken Tenders (Medium) – one tender could make 6 waffles, their tenders are huge! If you’re not in Nashville, any of your favorite chicken tenders will do the trick. Or even Chick-Fil-A.

– Mini Eggo Waffles, baked according to box

– Drizzle of syrup after plated

That’s it! So simple but everyone loved them.

For two baby-less hostesses we feel like we pulled it off and like I said we learned a lot. If you have tips and ideas for baby showers please let us know! We’re officially in the baby shower stage.

Happy hosting!