Chicken Wings – Just in time for Father’s Day and No Fryer Required

Julia and I love chicken wings. While we always have we know they are “man food” so we decided leading up to Father’s Day was the perfect time for us to share Julia’s husband’s recipe. When my husband first heard of these baked wings he was the ultimate skeptic. Fried, smoked, grilled – yes, but baked? He was convinced they would be slimey which is the ultimate sin of wings, but we proved him wrong, and he is now a baked wing believer.

Less-Guilt, Crispy, Perfect Chicken Wings

Toss wings in 2-3 Tbs. of Canola Oil

Add salt and pepper

Put on wire rack or broiling pan (anything they can drip from)

Bake at 400 for about 45 mins turing twice (this is the key, high heat for a long time

Coat with any sauce of your liking… Our buffalo go-to is the embarrassing but delicious combination of Frank’s Hot Sauce and butter, hence the “less guilt” title instead of guiltless.

Serve with your favorite slaw or keep it simple with ranch, blue cheese and celery.

Another idea would be to do an Asian styled sauce with Asian slaw – will be trying this next.


Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day Weekend to you and yours!