A Flat White at Home

Monday. The weekend is always short, and the week ahead may seem long, but before starting my morning commute, I’m taking a minute to start my week with a little bit of luxury –  homemade flat white!
A small Bialetti espresso maker will cost you about $15 and has been bringing beautifully simple and absolutely delicious espresso drinks to people’s homes since the 1930s.  Just load in your espresso and water, pop it on the stove-top, and wait until you see steam coming from the top.
In the meantime, warm your milk either on the stove or in the microwave.  I used cashew milk, which was seriously wonderful, but you should use whatever kind of milk you prefer.
Then pour your espresso over your milk, sweeten if you like, and be ready to face your work week!  Or at least face this morning with a bit of a coffee buzz.