Tuesday’s Table – Roast Chicken

My mom is known for her roast chicken. She takes them to people when they are sick, busy, sad, etc. This is her thing. I have always loved being on the receiving end of this gift but have never roasted a chicken of my own. For years I was intimidated by roasting a whole chicken. Years, like until this one, and we’re coming up on the end of 2015. BUT I have now conquered this chicken twice and am here to preach about it. Im pretty sure it will be a go-to of mine for the rest of my life, at least once a month.

Healthy, simple, homemade, guaranteed leftovers that can be repurposed a zillion different ways. Yep. This is a winner and I’m no longer a chicken — get it?…

Roast Chicken

4-6 pound whole organic chicken (the smaller the better)

2 onions, cut into eighths

1-2 lemons, several thin, round slices then just cut pieces

6-10 cloves of garlic, peeled

Rosemary sprigs

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

This will require a good bit of handling raw chicken so be prepared by having Clorox wipes and soap on hand. But this is not half as bad or as scary as I thought it would be! You can do it.

Rinse and pat dry small, whole chicken.

Chop onions and lemons

Peel whole cloves of garlic and cut rosemary sprigs

Arrange 4 slices of lemon and 2-3 sprigs of rosemary under skin of chicken (you will need to sort of separate the skin from the chicken to slide lemons in – sounds peculiar but isn’t bad).

Fill cavity of your chicken with several pieces of lemon, onion, and rosemary. As well as season it heavily with salt and pepper.

Rub the outside of the chicken with olive oil, then season with sea salt and pepper.

Place the chicken on top of a bed of onions, and garlic. **Be sure your garlic is underneath the chicken so it roasts but does not burn.**

Preheat oven to 400, once you put chicken it reduce heat to 350. Roast your chicken at 20 minutes per pound,basting every twenty minutes.  This sounds cumbersome but just set the timer on your oven or phone and it’s easy as pie. If you chicken starts to get too brown towards the end, cover with aluminum foil. If you have a quick-read meat thermometer use this for double checking your chicken so it is not over or under done–it should be around 165F.

After removing from the oven let rest 10 minutes before carving.

Raw chicken, ick. After washing and patting dry, I stand the chicken up on top of paper towels so it can continue to dry while I chop onions, lemon and prepare garlic.

As you can see there is no reason to be shy with your seasoning. 
Basting. Use either a baster, silicon brush or a big spoon.




Music City Food and Wine 2015

Last weekend in Nashville was one for the books. If you are at all interested in amazing food tasting, celebrities as well as celebrity chefs, great music, unlimited amounts of wine and spirits then you should go ahead and plan to attend next year. It was really just perfect.  There were cooking demonstrations throughout the weekend and music was always playing.



One of my very favorite parts of the weekend was Harvest Night, which took place on Saturday night at A night of more tastings by many chefs you know and respect from either the Food Network or restaurants that you have read about for years, combined with live music curated by the Kings of Leon who helped put on the entire weekend with the help of the gang at C3 Presents. You may not know of C3 but you know of the shows they put on: Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, Big Apple Barbecue and our own Music City Food and Wine just to name a few. Basically we’re in great company.

Many different artists performed during Harvest Night, all classic songs. It was amazing to listen then to watch the collaboration not only on stage but throughout the weekend.


Robert Randolph


Music City Food and Wine; Harvest Night



Soul Men : Sam Moore and Michael McDonald


After all of the fun on Saturday day and night, the Ole Miss football game and the after party at Pinewood Social we unfortunately got to Bicential Park too late on Sunday, missing the Gospel Brunch. But no fear, we made it in time for the Tito’s Bloody Mary Bar and Hattie B’s hot chicken sliders.

We ended the weekend Sunday evening with a celebratory dance party and one last after party at the new, most perfect transplant to Nashville, Cochon Butcher in Germantown.

Long story short, incredible weekend in Nashville, on every level. Thank you to everyone who put in the effort to make it happen, and I am currently detoxing.

Hattie B’s


Kim Crawford Wine