Refreshing Green Smoothie

While in Jamaica I had the best green smoothie. It was called an Island Blast Smoothie and contained cucumber, parsley, ginger, celery, banana and coconut water.

I decided to give my normal smoothie a reboot and make my spin on Round Hill’s Island Blast Smoothie. If only my “smoothie bar” resembled Round Hill’s.


1/2 banana, frozen

1/2 cucumber, partially peeled (peeling cuke is probably not necessary)

1 c. spinach (one handful)

1/2 inch piece of raw ginger, peeled


1 celery stalk (not necessary)

Juice of 1/4 lemon

1 c. coconut water

Next time I will probably add chia seeds for a bit of protein. But this smoothie makes a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack!



Afternoon Pick Me Up Green Smoothie

One of my very favorite green fruit and veggie combos is full of flavor and vitamins. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium and Antioxidants will leave you feeling great. I whipped this up for myself Sunday afternoon after a wedding weekend with college friends in Mobile, Alabama, and it was a huge help. The flavor profile is opposite of our morning almond milk, berry and banana smoothie. This combination is bright and refreshing; the closer we get to spring and summer the more I will be drinking this green blend.  All of the ingredients can be adjusted according to taste, but here are measurements to get you started. Give it a shot!

Afternoon Pick Me Up Green Smoothie:

1/2 c. Frozen Pineapple

1 Tbsp. Fresh Cilantro

2 c. Raw Spinach

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

1 c. Coconut Water

1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds

Optional but recommended – 3 Slices of Jarred Jalapeno

(you could use a tiny bit of a fresh jalapeno instead)




Simple Green Smoothie

It’s is snowing! Again. But I will not allow myself to continue to eat junk – thank you Fat Tuesday + Snow Day. So I am starting the morning off with my go-to green smoothie. When I was first starting the green smoothie kick, I would experiment every day, but now I have it down to two or three that I make. I use a NutriBullet, but this could be made in any blender easily. This is an under 200 calorie breakfast that will provide you with vitamins and nutrients as well as keep you full – My Fitness App says the ingredients listed below ring in at 193 calories and are full of Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Antioxidants. Enjoy!

Simple Green Smoothie:

1/2  Frozen Banana

1/3 c. Organic Mixed Berries

2 c. Raw Spinach

1 c. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1 Tbs. either Chia Seeds or Almond Butter