Favorite Hair Products for In-Between Shampoos

One of my favorite games to play with myself is how many days I can go without washing my hair… I can safely go three days. Wash, wear, wear, wash. Any longer for me is really pushing it. Realistically I end up washing my hair a little bit more than this.. Like four times a week.

I have learned that the only way I can really get away with any between shampoo days is with the help of a few essential products. Not to mention these products help give texture and volume for all different types of hairstyles – Hello, messy bun and tousled waves!

Our essentials:

Dove Dry Shampoo – At first I was not a believer in this until Julia showed me how she flips her head over and sprays all over. It smells nice, has no white residue, and gives a little boost to your whole head of hair – not just your roots.


Triple Sec 3-in-1 by Drybar – Is my all time favorite. It is too expensive to use as much as I would like, but I use it on a few sections of my roots and Dove all over have proven to be the perfect combo. Triple Sec serves as a volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo.


These next two products are great with freshly washed and dried hair as well as in between washes.

This Amped Up teasing brush is key for giving an additional bit of staying lift to my fine tresses. I have tried a couple of different types but this has been the front runner for several years now. Plus it’s about $5 and the perfect size to throw in your purse and go. (This can be found at Cosmetic Market, Ulta, Sally’s, etc.)


TRESemme Extra Firm Control Hairspray is my all time favorite hairspray. I have tried and tried again to get behind Elnett but not only is it three times the price, but it just does not hold my hair as well as I need it to do so. It’s not like I am ever aiming for helmet head, but at the same time with the humidity we have in the South I need something that will really hold. I am always looking for volume so the last thing I need is to actually achieve it with the above mentioned products then for it to fall the second I walk outside and get where I am going, do ya feel me?


Runners Up in the Dry Shampoo Department:

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo


The original.. Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo


How often do you wash your hair?

What are your favorite in between products? Always looking for new things to try!