Easy Orchid Centerpiece

I adore orchids. I feel like one single orchid makes your room feel instantly put together… or really just a little more grown up. Keeping them alive is another story. I am essentially an orchid killer, but I have decided for $12-20 if I can keep them alive for 6 weeks or so then it’s worth it.

I have always loved orchids planted in bowls and feel like it takes the already chic orchid to an entire new level. I set out to make my very own centerpiece. 

Using a McCarty Pasta Bowl that I have always had and loved, I went and purchased three orchids from Trader Joe’s. The only important (and probably obvious thing here) is to buy three of the same type so that look like they are meant to be together. Also cost is important since you’re buying three, which is why I went to Trader Joe’s–theirs are $12.99 each.

Next I went to our local flower shop and purchased moss. It comes in a little $5 roll. I left with two rolls of the moss, but one was more than enough. There are several different types, and I bought the least expensive one.

Last I went to Home Depot with the rest of Tennessee on Saturday morning and purchased Potting Mix specifically for orchids. It was made by Miracle Gro and costs all of $4. When reading about repotting orchids this part seemed important as it helps keep the moisture levels right, etc.

Be sure you do this outside because it makes a bit of a mess between the potting mix and the moss, but it is very easy and took all of 5 minutes to assemble.

First add a couple of inches of the potting mix to the bottom of your bowl. Then add in your orchids (once you take them out of their original containers be sure to loosen up the roots a bit). You will have to play with how you want them to be arranged, but this is easy. Then just fill in the potting mix so that they stay put. Last unroll your moss and add a little bit of water to it.  Once barely damp pull, the moss into pieces so you can place it around the base of your orchids. 




The very helpful man at the Flower Mart told me for their orchids they water each plant 1-1 1/2 cups a month. As we know watering or lack there of is what regularly kills orchids, but he told me to add about 4 cups of water a month to my centerpiece. He also suggested moving the moss a bit when adding this so the water gets to the bottom of the root and is not soaked up by the moss. My bowl does not have a center hole, so I will probably water less than this at first and see how it works. 

 This centerpiece costs less than $50 and should last for several months. Let’s say it last for 4-6 months and then it’s essentially $10 a month, which is a steal for a centerpiece that packs a punch. Also usually I hate a tall centerpiece but since this is not dense I do not foresee any problems as far as visiting with guests across the table. 



 Please let us know what you think! 

We would love to hear if you have ANY tips for keeping your orchids alive!