Healthy Banana Pancakes

I’ve been seeing different recipes for these banana “pancakes” floating around the blog-o-sphere for while now, and to put it nicely I was skeptical.  With only three main ingredients–bananas, eggs, and baking powder–these didn’t sound too appealing to me, but everyone was making them!  And it wasn’t just the health nuts anymore!  I had to try them, and…they’re awesome!  Ok, they definitely aren’t your average pancake, but they’re warm and fluffy with a delicately sweet flavor.  Plus you can add in any extras that you like–I like to add a little vanilla extract to mine and top them with toasted walnuts or berries.  Hop on the bandwagon; it’s a good one!


Banana Pancakes

-1/2 banana

-1 egg

-2 pinches baking powder

-1 pinch salt

-butter or Earth Balance as needed for cooking

-syrup, nuts, berries, etc. to top

In a shallow bowl, smash the banana until completely smooth.  Then mix in the baking powder and salt.  Next add the egg and mix well.  Heat a pan over medium high heat and add butter or Earth Balance and cook your pancakes.  I usually get about six silver dollar sized pancakes out of one batch.  Your pancakes will not form bubbles on the top to tell you when to flip them, so make sure you keep an eye on them!  Serve with syrup, toasted nuts, berries, or whatever sounds good to you!  Enjoy!