Thanksgiving Tips

It’s the two week countdown to Thanksgiving. You can do it! These are our favorites tips for being ready for the main event.  

-Definitely delegate.  If the meal is at your house, you seriously can’t be making the bird, the sides, and the desserts so ask for help!  If you are going to someone else’s house to eat, offer to help by asking the host what you can bring.

-Shop early.  Everything that can be bought a week or so before the big day should be purchased now. For fresh ingredients go on the Monday or Tuesday the week of ,but only go early morning or late in the evening unless you are you ready to start bracing for the masses now.  You don’t want to spend the day before Thanksgiving rushing around with last minute grocery shopping. Shopping early also includes a trip to the liquor store–don’t forget this one until the day before because, just like the grocery stores, this will be packed. (Think in-laws, outlaws, screaming kids, etc. Everyone deals with this so there is really no question, liquor stores will be packed). Only save this if you want to give your husband/father/yourself an “escape” during the chaos. It will take at least an hour, but they will probably appreciate this errand.

-Set up your buffet early, not only to make sure you’ll have enough room for all of the plates and serving dishes, but also to make it a little easier for yourself as you transfer things from the oven. Using a combination of your serving pieces and post-it’s can be one of the most helpful things as far as Thanksgiving logistics go. Don’t forget your trivets for hot items.  


-If you have an allergy, be prepared.  Maybe you have a family who’s willing to go with a completely allergy-friendly spread, but if I could eat dairy and gluten, I definitely would, so I don’t want to deprive my family from them!  I like to be prepared by making my own dressing and gravy (it can be done! And we will show you how).  Ask your relatives and friends if sides are safe and make sure they actually know what they are talking about, and you’ll be set!

-Background music

No one likes a house that’s too quiet, weird lulls in conversation are much too apparent. We’ve made a Thanksgiving playlist that both you and your parents will appreciate i.e. no rap, some current songs, some oldies – your typical (but cooler) easy listening. This baby is 7 hours long so you can put it on in the morning while cooking, and it will last through the main event. Plus it’s not too Thanksgiving-y so start playing it now and you will enjoy it.

Press play. Enjoy.

Hope these little pointers help make your Thanksgiving as stress free as absolutely possible!