Creamy, Roasted Tomato Soup

Julia and I have two very close variations of this perfectly easy and healthy tomato soup. The ingredients in ours are the same but the directions are slightly different. This is one of those recipes that takes about 40 minutes but is truly only 5 minutes of hands on time. Plus it is difficult to mess this up, so it makes a perfect week night supper. Roasting the tomatoes and onions adds so much rich caramelized flavor to a very simple soup.

Creamy, Roasted Tomato Soup

Tomatoes – One large can of whole tomatoes  (that can be combined with ANY fresh tomatoes that need to be used; I added a carton of cherry tomatoes that were on their last leg)

Garlic – 3-6 crushed cloves

Onion – 1 white or yellow onion sliced

Olive Oil – drizzle over items before roasting, less than one Tbsp

Salt + Pepper

1-2 c. Chicken Stock

1/2 c. Milk/Cream/Coconut Milk

In a Dutch oven (or on cookie sheet with aluminum foil), roast one large can of whole tomatoes  as well as any fresh tomatoes you plan to use (reserve liquid from canned tomatoes for later use) and a large white onion sliced for 30 minutes at 415 degrees. In the last few minutes of roasting, throw in 3 or more crushed garlic cloves.

Remove pot from oven and place on eye of stove set on medium high heat. Add the reserved tomato juice, a little chicken stock, and a touch of heavy cream, milk or coconut milk. Blend the whole thing in food processor/or with an immersion blender and season to taste.

Any garnishes are welcome.. for this batch I used a bit of goat cheese and fresh basil.


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