Packing for a Destination Wedding

Tomorrow I am going to Jamaica for a dear friend’s wedding!! Woop woop. But first I have to figure out what to pack for three nights of wedding festivities plus several casual but cute beach days.   Round Hill Resort, Montego Bay

I am a chronic list maker so I will start with the weather forecast and a list of what to pack.. The high is going to be in the mid-80s, mostly sunny with a chance of scattered storms.. Storms? I am going to act like I didn’t hear that and think positive thoughts.   

Usually I pride myself in carrying on but with sunscreen and shoes I have decided to kick my pride and patience to the side and I will check a bag. Because of this I know I will probably pack more than necessary, but I will be prepared. 

The staples of my suitcase will include: maxi dresses (2 dressier, one cotton casual), a cocktail dress, swimsuits, cover ups, kimonos, wedges, slides, sunglasses and sunscreen. Plus all of the other “necessities” that have made my packing list… such as sunscreen, self tanner (because of said sunscreen), Surf Spray.. a selfie stick.. like I noted “necessities.” Now I need to actually get these items in my suitcase.    Slides, shades (yes, three pairs are necessary), tassels and turquoise.

  The “essentials” for this getaway.

 Panama hat + pink + fringe = Vacation

Do you have any recommendations on what I should take?? Would love to hear your ideas — In fact I am always looking for and open to inspiration and recommendations!

Bon Voyage!