Winter Skin Wonders

Ok, it’s the middle of winter and parts of the South and East Coast were just hit by Winter Storm Jonas. I know this has flooded every bit of your media, and you are all well aware.  While some of you are still digging out of the feet (or in Nashville’s case, inches) of snow, your skin may be feeling the wrath of Ol’ Father Winter. Even if you haven’t been in the snow, I bet your heat has been on and your skin feels a bit like a sandpaper. My skin gets so very dry in the winter, and these are my skin saviors. Not only do they help keep your skin moisturized and feeling great, but they are also predominately safe products, so that’s an added bonus.


  1. Weleda Skin Food – At some point in the past several years I was told Kate Middelton used this. Naturally, I bought it (with no real knowledge of whether the princess uses or it not) and have been obsessed ever since. It feels and smells amazing. I use it on my hands constantly and have even lathered this stuff on my face before.
  2. Beautycounter Countertime Nourishing Cleansing Balm – This balm melts into your skin to hydrate while it cleanses, removing makeup and other impurities but does not strip away moisture. It contains Vtamin C to brighten your skin and raspberry and cranberry seed oils for moisture. If you have dry skin or want to prevent aging you can also use this balm as an intensely nourishing face mask and wake up feeling amazing. Then if you have any left on your hands go ahead and rub it into your elbows or cuticles–you will not regret it. Talk about multi-tasking!
  3. Beautycounter Enrich Body Butter – This stuff is the best thick body lotion ever. I love it all times of year but am especially thankful for it now. A little bit goes a long way, and it smells divine.
  4. Vick’s VapoRub – This is one of those old wive’s tales that I use again and again, making me a true believer. Rub Vick’s VapoRub on the bottoms of your feet and on your chest if you have a cough or congestion. Put white socks on your feet and you will wake up remembering what it feels like to breathe–and with such soft feet! This is my go-to every time I feel my sinuses acting up or a cold coming on.
  5. Beautycounter Every Night – I use this moisturizer every night and every day. Yes, they have daytime version, but I have always leaned towards the dry side and love this product. It goes on easily, has little to no smell, is great for sensitive skin, and is moisturizing without being greasy. It contains aloe, organic coconut oil, and green tea so you know this stuff has got to be good for your face!
  6. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 – I have adored this product since 8th grade. It is a nightstand staple that has truly stood the test of time. I have tried the scented and colored kinds as well as the same balm in a tube, but I go back to this little tub every time.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these products or tell us your favorites winter skin saviors!